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Other Products and Services

Home Services

A report designed for people buying or selling a home.  It includes a visual and functional check and the condition of gas and electrical appliances and installations, as well as plumbing and heating.

Energy Performance

An energy performance certificate is to check if a property complies with MEEs Legislation (wef 1st Apr 18) whereby your  property must have an energy rating of E or above.  Valid for 10 years.


Will assess the risk of all accessible cold and hot water facilities within a property. Either discounted if  you book with you usual inspection or book as a standalone product…

Protection Plan

Our Landlord Protection Plan is designed to ensure you do not fall foul of the relevant gas and electrical legislation. It’ll keep your tenants safe and give you peace of mind. It includes……


Gas-Elec can offer a variety of services for agents, click the below link to contact gas-elec and find out more….

Find out how Gas-Elec can help your business...

Gas and electrical safety services

Gas-elec was established in 1996, with the launch of the UK’s first ever combined gas and electrical safety inspection carried out by one engineer in one visit giving one report. We provide a wide range of other services including Legionella testing and CO and Smoke alarms, repairs and installations.

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