Electrical engineers of Scotland

Gas-Elec Scotland Electrical Engineers Of Scotland

Electrical Engineers Of Scotland

Gas Elec was established in 1996. They launched the first ever combined gas and electricity safety inspection teams. The first time one visit one engineer and one report. Simple and everything taken care of. Welcome the electrical engineers of Scotland.

We are now proud to announce that we have the exact same service with our Electrical Engineers Of Scotland. Every engineer in Scotland is fully trained and qualified to the highest of standards. Don’t take our word for it, give them a try and see the professional results for yourself.

Electricians of Glasgow

We deployed our very first electrical engineers of Scotland in the city Of Glasgow. You may be wondering why we didn’t start with our engineers in Edinburgh. Its a simple answer, initially we could’nt find electrical engineers in Edinburgh up to the standard required by Gas Elec.

The first Electrical engineers of Scotland started by covering Glasgow and Edinburgh so the launch was a very intense period for the first few weeks. The work ranged from simple electrical repairs on old faulty wiring to new builds. One market place became very prominent straight away. The Landlords in Glasgow were delighted to have a reliable set of electrical engineers in Scotland.

Electricians of Edinburgh

We did find qualified electrical engineers in Edinburgh but at Gas Elec we want a little more. We want to give to you the best service possible when our electrical engineers arrive on your doorstep. Therefore a little customer service training was required. We released our Edinburgh electrical engineers onto the streets.

The electrical engineers of Glasgow were more than grateful when the Scottish Electrical engineers teams covered both major cities. That was the beginning, now we have electrical engineers covering the whole of Scotland.

What Services Do The Electrical Engineers Of Scotland Provide

At Gas Elec we can install heat and smoke detectors. We can also carry out fuseboard upgrades from small domestic properties to large commercial units. Our Scottish engineers will also do simple socket upgrades to full house rewires.

Our electrical engineers are also trained to test for any potential dangers that lurk on your premises. Ensuring that your electrical circuits are not overloaded and are adequate for your needs. Site surveys pointing out and poor or substandard electrical work. Therefore ensuring  that you, or the people on your property come to no harm.

Do The Scottish Engineers Provide Landlord Safety Reports

Yes all of the Electricians of Scotland are fully qualified to give EIRC reports. What is an EIRC report ! EIRC stands for Electrical Installation Condition Report and all landlords should have one of these for each dwelling. Furthermore if there is two dwellings in one property then he would need one for each dwelling. Get your Online Free Quote

You can read more about the Landlords Electrical safety here.

Combined Engineers ! So Do You Cover Gas As Well

Yes you are quite correct we did say that our electrical engineers in Glasgow were combined. Trained in both gas and electrical hence the word combined services. As a result we can also provide EPC reports. Likewise we are fully compliant in the new Boiler Plus Policy 2018.

Not only do we cover gas appliance at Gas Elec Scotland we can also offer boiler finance if your old boiler is no longer serviceable. Do check back to discover more stories from the electrical engineers of Scotland.